5 Staple Products That Help Me Create A Flawless Look

I don’t wear makeup every day, but when I do, I love to look as flawless as possible. Here are the five staples that I reach for all the time!

MAKE UP FOR EVER – Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation

This is by far my favourite foundation ever. Since I am a woman of colour ,and I have dark skin, finding the perfect foundation is extremely difficult. Usually, the shades in the drugstore are always too light, and the one dark shade on the end is too dark. If I do find a drugstore foundation that is close to my skin colour it’s too orange. I’ve tried high-end foundations as well and some run too orange or too cool. Finding this foundation was a dream. The Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation shade range is amazing and the best part is that it’s separated into two categories: red (R), and yellow (Y). My skin actually has a yellow undertone so I love that MAKE UP FOR EVER has it categorized. I have never found a foundation truer to my skin tone than this foundation. I’m in the colour Y505.


Maybelline – Fit Me Concealer

I love this concealer because it does a great job of adding light to the face and best of all, it’s super affordable. This drugstore item goes for $9.99 and I always find it on sale at Walmart for about $6.99. I use the shade Café and it has a nice yellow undertone which really brightens my skin.


NYX – Gotcha Covered Concealer

This concealer really got me covered. I use it under my foundation to cover up my dark spots and my dark circles. I use the shade Deep, which is a little too orange for me so it acts as a colour corrector. On days where I don’t wear a lot of makeup, I put this under my eyes and around my mouth, with a little bit of the Fit Me Concealer on top, and it gives me a natural and fresh look. The coverage is great and the price is even greater. It goes for $8.00.


Morphe – 35O

I’ve had this eyeshadow palette for two years now and it has never failed me. The warm tones and the perfect ratio of shimmers and mattes make this palette a staple in my collection. I use it for more than just eyeshadow. I fill my eyebrows in with it, contour my face and sometimes use the golden shimmers as a highlight. The palette goes for $23.00 USD which is still pretty affordable even after conversion.


Anastasia Beverley Hills – Glow Kit: That Glow

I love to glow. Like seriously… I want to beam like the sun. I want to look like Beyoncé in the 1+1 video. This palette does that for me. This palette goes for $52.00 but it’s worth it. Compared to other high-end brands that sell a single highlighter for $40.00-$50.00, the Glow Kit has four full sized highlighters inside which is totally worth it.



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