3 Apps That Will Take Your Instagram To The Next Level


#1. Facetune

Facetune my favourite app to boost my Instagram pictures. It enhances photos to help create a more polished look. I use it to whiten my teeth, smooth my skin, and give a more detailed look to my photos. I especially love to whiten my walls with Facetune, it totally brightens up a photo. This app goes for $5.49.

Here’s what I typically do when editing my photos.

#2. Planoly

Planoly is something I’ve recently started to use. This app allows you to see what your Instagram layout will look like prior to posting a picture. You can also schedule your posts ahead of time which is great for people who enjoy posting consistent content. I like laying out pictures before posting them because I can see if it will clash with my previous photos. For Instagram users that follow a theme, this will definitely keep your colours in order and give you a super dope feed. This app is free, but upgrades will cost a fee.


#3. VSCO

VSCO is another editing app that I occasionally use. You can take photos directly from the app or upload them from your camera roll to create something great. I like VSCO for its filters. What’s also cool about the app is that users can share their photos with other users. This app is free, but upgrades will cost a fee.


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